Professional Writer

Ms. King is available for a variety of writing projects including editorial, feature stories, breaking news, content, and instructional writing.

She wrote the manual for the very first parasail approved in the U.S.

King is highly proficient at writing compelling luxury spa menus & SOP’s for many industries,

She also assists other authors in writing their books in addition to providing complete editing services.

King has published chapters in the books of fellow authors. Additionally, she is frequently quoted in books and published articles as an authority on a variety of topics,

Professional Speaker

Ms. King has been speaking on stages since the age of 12. Through business and life experiences she’s captivated many audiences on a variety of topics including but not limited to overcoming tragedy and adversity, fitness, health, nutrition and wellness, entrepreneurial struggles and success, workplace conflict and resolution, and personal growth, development, and achievement,

King is also an engaging Emcee or Mistress of Ceremonies. Her quick wit and humor keep all types of productions and ceremonies running smooth, without a hitch, even when backstage is falling apart!



Ms. King is an expert in the building & remodeling of luxury spas, fitness, & wellness centers. She’s designed many for private golf & country clubs, luxury communities, private homes, corporations, & the hospitality industry.

Beginning with evaluating a client’s needs, to selecting equipment, furnishings, and product lines, King is meticulous, revenue conscious, and most importantly, a connoisseur of the guest experience.

Additionally, if the project is in need,, King writes, implements and trains all team members on the new Menu & SOP’s for each position in the facility.